Best fried calamari ever!

I can not go two weeks, sometimes twice in 1 week, without craving this dish. Each time I have brought someone new they have ask for specific directions to go on their own.The spicy Thai sweet and sour dip compliments the delicately battered, well-proportioned calamari.
Other dishes I have tried (pretty religiously) are the Pad Thai and Panang. Saladangs interior has open exposed ceiling beams with a modern glass & concrete slightly asian Bauhaus fusion feel to the atmosphere. The staff moves quickly to accommodate you even when the restaurant is busy. The prices are affordable enough to try a new dish with each visit so bring a group to exchange meal choices.

*One observation or con that I will say is that the fried calamari made during the day seems fresher/lighter then the one served at night. In the evening, in a few occasions, the dish happened to be slightly over fried. It might be a different chef or old oil. It's a minimal difference but I have noticed it a few times.

363 South Fair Oaks Avenue


Gettin' Hitched!

I had the privilege to photograph my two close friends Rick and Lauren for their engagement.

Lake Yosemite was the perfect location to spend an afternoon capturing the couples obvious love for each other

Merced County Courthouse was a great idea for the second location for the couples engagement session.

. . . And finally the big day! .

El Olio Wolof

Great evening this last Saturday night in Merced's downtown bar The Partisan.

Merced's own band, El Olio Wolof, put on a spectacular show for the locals.
Frontman Rc Essig gave a great performance.

Merced County Fairground

Beautiful night to be in the valley.
The gradated sapphire sky was the best backdrop to the rides at this years
Merced County Fair.


Pasadena's Late Night Street Food

If you are driving after 7pm headed South on Fair Oaks Avenue towards South Pasadena you may see a line forming in front of a taco truck on Nishikawa Auto Service's drive way after hours. This loyal following has been coming for nearly 20 years.I have been stopping by this late night "roach coach" since I was attending Art Center in the late 90's.Their menu has traditional meats like pork, carne asada, chicken, beef, and my favorite Al Pastor (Pork that is marinated over one or two days in a combination of dried chiles and then slowly cooked on a vertical rotisserie, very similar to how Shawarma)and also the hardcore mexican style meat like lengua (Beef tongue), and sesos (Beef brain)Their tasty tiny taquitos have filled me up on those late night cravings.Four al pastor with everything on it, and make it hot!


Ni hao you doin'

Great day for some site seeing in Chinatown.
Dim Sum was Delicious!


The King of Pop

If you ever have the desire for a little bit of da' fizzle shizzle,
stop off at Galco's.
So many choices of soda pop available